How to Fight Florida Commercial Property Taxes

When property owners receive their proposed tax bill, they should review the market and assessed values the county is using to determine the property taxes. There are several factors that impact these values. Meet with a professional Florida commercial property tax consultant to discuss the situation. Going through the process on your own can be challenging, and time consuming. Hiring someone that understands the way that the system works and the process for appeal is essential to help you get the results you want.

If after review, the evidence supports a lower market value, the process begins by filing a petition to appeal your commercial property taxes. This document can be printed online, filled out and mailed in or many counties allow you to file online. It is vital that you complete and file a petition for each parcel of property. In some cases one property could be comprised of multiple parcels. After the petition is filed, the Value Adjustment Board will issue a unique petition number for identification purposes. There is a $15 filing fee per parcel. Commercial property tax petitions must be filed by the date on your proposed tax notice or you will need to wait another year to appeal your property taxes and you could be leaving significant tax savings on the table.

After the petition is filed, a hearing date will be issued by the Value Adjustment Board as well as due dates for when the evidence exchange must take place with the Property Appraiser.  Hearings typically take place from October to May. It is important to compile a detailed evidence package to support your value in preparation to hearing. Hiring ARE Solutions Property Tax Consulting Service is especially valuable for this aspect of the process as we have prepared evidence for thousands of petitions and know what information to include. Evidence preparation takes a significant amount of time. ARE Solutions Property Tax Consulting Service’s typical evidence package is approximately 50 pages. Missing your evidence exchange deadline will mean that you can’t present your evidence during the hearing.

At the Value Adjustment Board Hearings, typically the Property Appraiser will present their evidence and then the petitioner will have the opportunity to do the same. Most of the time, decisions by the special magistrate take at least a few weeks to be mailed out. Getting your commercial property taxes reduced is a difficult process that is even more challenging in a strong real estate market. While owners can attempt to try to get their own property taxes lower, this is an industry that owners should rely on help from an expert. Hiring ARE Solutions Property Tax Consulting Service is not only as easy as signing our one page agreement and paying the $25 filing fee up front, but we have outstanding reviews about our ability to get property taxes lower.