Property Tax Consultants Palm Beach County, FL

Property Tax Consultants Palm Beach County

Often times, property owners receive their annual TRIM notice, and feel as though their properties are being valued individually by the property appraiser. However, Palm Beach County utilizes the mass appraisal system for their proposed values making adjustments from previous years. Sometimes, there can be inaccuracies with assessments because each property has unique characteristics that sometimes change which counties might be unaware of.

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ARE Solutions has outstanding results in Palm Beach County saving property owners tens of thousands of dollars every year on their property tax bills. We have a proven track record achieving over $350M in assessment reductions since 2012. Please check out our google reviews from some of the owners we have represented.

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Do you own commercial property in Palm Beach County, and don’t review your TRIM notice when they are mailed out by the property appraiser every summer? There is no cap on how much the property appraiser can increase property taxes on commercial property, and owners should review their TRIM notices on an annual basis especially if their property has changed in some way from the prior year that would affect its value. If the operating expenses for your Palm Beach County commercial property have gone up significantly, this might qualify the property for lower property taxes.

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If you own a commercial property that has little or no parking, this impacts its value, and could affect the property taxes. It is important for owners of commercial properties that have a lack of parking to have a Palm Beach County property tax consultant such as ARE Solutions review once the TRIM notices are mailed.

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The proposed property tax notices are mailed out in August with the appeal deadlines in Palm Beach County just a few short weeks after this in September. Contact me prior to the September filing deadlines so you do not miss the potential for property tax savings.

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“Last year our firm used ARE Solutions to appeal our valuation and saved $3,320 or 26% of the initial real estate tax bill! It was well worth what little effort I had to make – I only wish I’d have done this years before. ”

-Mark B. – Sarasota, Florida