Frequently Asked Questions

No, once the tax appeal deadline has passed for that year, that year’s potential savings are gone forever.

You can, and some property owners do but it helps to be very familiar with the area and the process. An expert property tax consultant has the experience to review your property and determine if it is a good candidate for an assessment reduction, and then represent you throughout the appeal. There is a good chance the tax agent will have better results than an owner who is inexperienced with the process.

Depending upon the number of appeals filed, it could take several months. The larger counties which have several thousand appeals each year are typically the ones that have hearings scheduled up to two years out.

The tax collector will issue a refund to whoever initially paid the taxes. Processing times are different depending upon the county. If you do not receive your refund within a few months of the reduction date, please either call the tax collector, or call ARE Solutions Property Tax Consulting Service and we can call for you.

Assessed values are generated by a mass computer generated appraisal system. Because of this, there can be inaccuracies with assessments each year. There are thousands of appeals filed each year, and many counties welcome the appeals because it gives them the chance to review and appraise the property that they otherwise would not have if it weren’t for the appeal being filed.

You should pay your property taxes whenever you normally would. There are now new laws that do give taxpayers the right to pay only a portion of their taxes if an appeal has been filed before it is resolved. Please call ARE Solutions Property Tax Consulting Service for more information on this.

Yes, as long as there is at least two weeks before your counties filing deadline, I am happy to review. Feel free to call me to discuss.