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ARE Solutions offers the most experienced and knowledgeable team of property tax consultants in Florida. In fact, we have more than 14 years of experience and offer a proven, highly rated track record of successfully lowering property taxes for a variety of home and business owners in the state of Florida. We specialize in property tax review, appeal filing, evidence preparation and exchange, and representation at hearings.

If you are seeking to lower property tax in Florida, then call our expert team today! Our team has the real-world experience to understand your property taxes and analyze whether those property taxes are too high. We can also walk you through how your property tax assessment was made, if that assessment is correct, and what can be done about it if it is incorrect.

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Searching for Property Tax Reduction in Florida?

When it comes to property tax consulting in Florida, ARE Solutions is the expert you need to ensure your property taxes aren’t too high. Properties in Florida are not appraised every year, and because of this, there can be inaccuracies in property appraiser assessed and market values. In fact, occasionally property appraisers assessed and market values can be higher than the value of your property. That’s why the state offers the Value Adjustment Board appeals process which gives Florida property owners the chance to appeal the assessed value of their home or business, which the property tax is calculated on. This process can be confusing and overwhelming with numerous deadlines that need to be met. That’s why Florida property owners should consider hiring a property tax consultant to walk them through the process, such as ARE Solutions.

Property Tax Appeal and Property Tax Reduction Florida Residents Trust

ARE Solutions Property Tax Consulting Services handles the Florida property tax appeals process from start to finish including: review, petition filing, evidence preparation and exchange and representation at the Value Adjustment Board (VAB) hearings. Our dedicated real estate professionals and our results-oriented process has led to our great success in representing owners for their property tax appeal Florida situations. If you are searching for lower property tax or property tax reduction, then we are the property tax consultants Florida for you!

Professional Property Tax Reduction in Florida

ARE Solutions has experience in reducing property tax in more than 25 Florida counties. We also specialize in offering our services to the cities of Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Miami, and Tampa. We have been assisting owners in reducing their taxes since 2012 and have achieved more than 1,000 assessment reductions totaling over $197 million. Our unique approach has enabled us to achieve the maximum in property tax savings.

When it comes to property tax appeal in Florida, ARE Solutions wants to be your partner and walk you through this often overwhelming and tedious process. We handle the process from start to finish, including review, petition filing, evidence preparation and exchange, and representation at Value Adjustment Board hearings. If the evidence supports a lower value than the county value, ARE Solutions will file a petition with the county and then prepares and exchanges evidence with the property appraiser’s office in your county in preparation for your hearing. So when you are searching for property tax appeal Florida services, look no further than ARE Solutions!

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ARE Solutions also knows that your proposed property tax notices, or TRIM, can be confusing. If you have any questions about your notice call us today to discuss it and learn your rights to an appeal. These notices are typically mailed out in August and you only have approximately 45 days to file a petition with the VAB after the notice was mailed.

If you are looking for property tax reduction in Florida, then contact ARE Solutions’ expert team today. Our team is waiting to save you time as well as money by reducing your tax burden. We look forward to assisting you with lower property tax Florida and property tax reduction Florida services!

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“We used ARE Solutions to appeal our property taxes. I was very happy with the resulting property tax reductions, and I look forward to using them again.”

-Mark W., – Carespot Urgent Care Centers in Various Locations Throughout Florida