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The professionals from ARE Solutions are your premier property tax consultants Pompano Beach area. If you have been searching for someone who can assist you with your property tax concerns, then our team members would like to hear from you. We have been in the property tax consulting Pompano Beach business for many years, and we welcome the chance to help you assess your property tax issues.

Do you believe that your property tax assessments are too high? If so, then our tax experts may be able to help you. We are professional real estate experts and we understand the local real market. As property tax reduction Pompano Beach specialists, we have been able to save property owners significant amounts of money over the years.

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We can assess your property’s value, in order to determine if you are a candidate for a possible lower property tax Pompano Beach area. Once we conclude that you may be a good candidate, we will prepare the paperwork for your appeal, file your property tax appeal Pompano Beach along with appropriate evidence for the appeal, and we will present the appeal at the hearing, too. Our professionals have the knowledge and the experience to work with the system, as we attempt to lower your property tax bills that may have been wrongfully assessed.

property tax consultants Pompano Beach

We Can Help You Get Lower Property Tax in Pompano Beach

Our highly-qualified experts provide services throughout Pompano Beach, as well as in other neighboring communities and states, too. Pompano Beach is a beautiful, vibrant area that is located just north of Fort Lauderdale. The area is well-known for its’ scenic beaches, plentiful boating, snorkeling, diving, and fishing opportunities, and many other family-friendly activities that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Among the local parks in the region, one place of interest is the Pompano Community Park. This is a wonderful place to enjoy an afternoon in the relaxing setting, and you may wish to enjoy the tennis courts or the outdoor amphitheater, too.

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The founder of ARE Solutions, Adam Rosenfield, has many years of prior experience in the real estate industry and in the tax consulting services industry. Adam and his staff conduct real estate market research carefully and diligently, so that we can develop a strong grasp of the local market. If you feel that your property taxes are too high, then we have the skills and the knowledge to be able to determine the appropriate range for your tax assessment. From this point, we know how to follow the procedures that may enable you to lower your property taxes.

Our team members take great pride in providing attentive and dedicated services to all of our customers. We understand that you are busy, and we welcome the chance to try and save you time and money with our expertise and with our past experiences.

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We know that property tax comprehension and property tax appeal proceedings can be daunting for many people. We also know that, sometimes, there are inaccuracies when it comes to property tax assessments. We have the training and the education required to understand the property tax assessments and determine if there may be inaccuracies in your tax assessments. Furthermore, we can gladly take care of the appeal process for you, which can, hopefully, save you money, and will certainly save you time.

If you would like to learn more about our services, then please reach out to ARE Solutions at your earliest convenience. We look forward to speaking with you anytime and we can’t wait to provide you with our lower property tax Pompano Beach services!

Please feel free to read our testimonials:

“Last year our firm used ARE Solutions to appeal our valuation and saved $3,320 or 26% of the initial real estate tax bill! It was well worth what little effort I had to make – I only wish I’d have done this years before. ”

-Mark B. – Sarasota, Florida