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A property tax appeal in Fort Myers Beach, FL, is a complicated and drawn-out process, and ARE Solutions wants to be your advocate and help you navigate it. From evaluation through petition submission, exchange, and evidence preparation to representation at Value Adjustment Board hearings, as property tax consultants in Fort Myers Beach, FL, we handle the entire process. Suppose the facts support a lower value than the county value. In that case, ARE Solutions will file a petition with the county and then gather and exchange information with the property appraiser’s office in your county to prepare for your hearing. As a result, ARE Solutions is the sole business you should consider while searching for property tax reduction in Fort Myers Beach, FL.

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The reporting criteria and category definitions for state and local property taxes are very different from those for federal income taxes, which can result in overreported expenses, double assessments, and property assessments that may be excluded or nontaxable. Our offices are staffed by full-time tax experts with the required certificates and licenses. We identify opportunities based on our knowledge of what enhances and detracts from worth in the local marketplace.

It can be hard to stay on top of changes to each state or county’s property tax laws, rules, and due dates because tax authorities have recently stepped up their enforcement efforts. The appeals services offered by ARE Solutions are designed to identify tax planning opportunities involving tangible property and examine the accuracy of the fair market value established by the jurisdiction. The risks and costs associated with incomplete, incorrect, or late property tax files can be reduced by working with our tax advisers as you investigate exemptions, abatements, and other tax mitigation options.

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No two properties are alike, so ARE Solutions has a variety of tactics we can employ. We consider each option carefully before selecting the best action to respond to each assessment. Your assessment might be correct or fall well short of what the marketplace would predict. If so, we won’t make an effort to make a case if there isn’t one. Suppose there is an opportunity to save money. In that case, we will investigate every channel and method of reduction accessible to us through our numerous resources. If you want help with getting a lower property tax in Fort Myers Beach, then you need to call us today!

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Every year, ARE Solutions’ property tax experts put in countless hours to help our clients save a ton of money on taxes on their personal, business, and investment real estate holdings and get a lower property tax in Fort Myers Beach, FL. We have a proven track record of lowering property taxes for assets in the millions of dollars by utilizing our knowledge of property tax valuation. Therefore, give us a call to find out how we can reduce your property taxes right away with our property tax consulting in Fort Myers Beach, FL, services!

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“Last year our firm used ARE Solutions to appeal our valuation and saved $3,320 or 26% of the initial real estate tax bill! It was well worth what little effort I had to make – I only wish I’d have done this years before. ”

-Mark B. – Sarasota, Florida