What to do if Your Georgia Property Taxes Skyrocket

The proposed property tax notices are being sent out throughout Georgia over the next month, and due to the strong real estate market, property taxes are rising in some cases substantially higher than they were even one year prior. Property owners should review the 2016 county market value on the notice, and if the majority of evidence supports a lower market value, owners should consider filing an appeal. Even if the value is not higher than the previous year, there still may be evidence for a lower assessment as each property is unique and markets fluctuate. On the flip side, there are some properties whose property taxes are increasing substantially, but the properties are still worth more than the county market value. If this is the case, owners should not file an appeal. There are several factors that influence real estate values. Owners should also keep in mind that all county market values are as of January 1.

There are two ways to file an appeal through the Board of Equalization which is the administrative level or through the court system aka Arbitration. The appeal forms are online and must be filed within the county deadline. Each county deadline is different; the deadlines can be found on the proposed tax notices. If the appeal is not filed within the deadline, the opportunity for a lower tax bill will be gone until the following year. There are rarely exceptions for late appeals that are filed.

In Georgia, there are thousands of properties, and with only a limited number of employees at the assessors office, sometimes there are inaccuracies in county market values. With property taxes on the rise, owners will be looking to try to reduce their tax bill. Property owners who engage ARE Solutions Property Tax Consulting Services pay $25 up front and we take 33% of the savings. We focus solely on property tax appeals, and we have outstanding results throughout Georgia and Florida and are here to help in any way we can. Call me once you receive your proposed tax notice as there could be significant property tax savings on the table 561-203-2344.