Investment Sales:

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The difference between ARE Solutions and other brokerage firms is our access to information. Because we represent hundreds of commercial tax appeals, we have a comprehensive database of real estate valuation information available to our brokerage clients. The most important key to any successful property transaction is the price of the asset.  Our database of valuation information provides owners with a realistic value estimate, suggested sales price, and is also important in our marketing.
ARE Solutions has a proven marketing program that is efficient in exposing commercial properties for sale, getting offers from buyers, and executing transactions. Our lists of commercial real estate owners, owner users, investors, brokers, and developers gives us an exclusive marketing advantage to reach tens of thousands of buyers.  Once we have identified the right group of potential purchasers, we then generate offers using several different methods.  These strategies, that have been utilized in both good markets and challenging ones, ultimately result in more sales at higher prices.

Our proven marketing strategies for both buyers and sellers, and accountability to our marketing commitment with our written, monthly Activity Reports provide the seller with a unique perspective to see the actions being taken on their behalf.  These reports bring the concept of accountability to commercial real estate brokerage that is uncommon in the marketplace.

For a complimentary valuation estimate, and marketing strategy, please contact me